Target Visa Fail

(image from here)

In this uphill climb to get out of credit card debt, I figured today I would try calling one of my lenders to see if I could get my interest rate lowered, as advised by articles like this. It had worked for me in the past and since things have gotten even tighter around here, I decided to try again.

I wanted to get the rate lowered on my Target Visa. It’s at 22.9%. It’s the highest rate I have, and really, it’s ridiculous. The very nice young woman on the other end of the line told me she couldn’t do that for me, but the company does periodic reviews on all the accounts and one was coming up soon. During these reviews, accounts in good standing are chosen for automatic rate reductions. (I was thinking it’s more along the lines of: Hey we’ll review all these accounts and see who we can RAISE rates on.) So I asked her if my rate is not reduced soon, could she give me contact information on “those people at the company” who handle this? She could not. It’s all automatic. Great.

Turns out I’m not the only one who’s had this problem (and others) with Target Visa.

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