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This week

Not much going on this week. The hubby and I were both sick all this weekend so the only thing good about that was having plenty of reading time. I had already finished Fall of Giants so I finally caved in to all the recommendations and starting reading The Hunger Games.

Cover of "The Hunger Games"I initially wasn’t interested when it was described to me as “set in the future when the USA no longer exists.” That was two negatives in my mind: One, if I’m actually going to read fiction I tend to read historical fiction. And Two, I tend to avoid depressing scenarios such as the destruction of our home country. (Also, I’ve never cared to see disaster movies containing floods, meteors, nuclear disasters, etc.) But I did like the book more than I thought I would and I’m currently on the second: Catching Fire.

This week I also found two more funny blogs to add to my growing list in google reader: Modg and From Nonsense to Momsense. I’ve only read a couple posts from each, but I’ll definitely be reading more. I was reading this post from Modg during lunch at work and I had to try really hard not to laugh out loud. I don’t think my co-workers would have enjoyed the poop humor. I grew up laughing about poop and always will. Poop is always funny. Well, unless maybe you’re covered in it or cleaning it up. That would be gross and totally not funny. Except for anyone witnessing this hypothetical poop event, they would totally think it’s funny.

Saturday Morning

I feel cranky when the weekend is over. It always goes by too fast. Saturday morning was perfect.

Sleeping in with hubby and Penny…

… and a good book.

What are you reading?

I am thankful that reading is a cheap hobby. Well, it is as long as you borrow or get used books rather than pay full retail. It’s been a while since I had really gotten into a book. I have about five laying around that I’ve started and just was not interested in enough to bother going back to them. At least not yet. So I stopped at the library on the way home from work on Friday and picked up this hunk of what I am sure is going to be awesomeness:


The last two books I read that I didn’t want to put down were Ken Follett books: The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End. Have you read them? Did you see The Pillars of the Earth miniseries? I was so excited to watch it but during the whole thing I keep yelling at the tv: “That didn’t happen like that in the book!!!” Hubby was all: “Geez, calm down!” And I’m all: “But Jack wasn’t even there when that happened!” Et cetera. There were so many changes I could hardly enjoy it, but I guess if you hadn’t read it or hadn’t read it lately it would be a lot better.

Have you read any of these? What else do you recommend? Do you hate it when they have to chop up books to fit into a movie?


Thoughts on Becoming a Parent…

Thoughts on becoming a parent, from someone who is not a parent yet, but wants wants to be for reasons I can’t explain:

"Under the horse chestnut tree", 1 p...

Image via Wikipedia

I’m not a parent. I know nothing about parenting. I do subscribe to several “mommy blogs.” I guess I like to learn what moms and dads are dealing with and imagine what kind of mother I will be one day. Well, I hope I will be a mother one day. You never know what your life will really turn out to be. On the one hand, that is a good thing. On the other, that’s scary.

I think the urge to want to be a mom is very interesting. It’s pretty much decreed that being a parent is the hardest thing you’ll do in life. And yet so many jump right into that difficulty, or want to, or try to but can’t. And it’s also said, so often, that it’s the best thing in life. Nothing compares. You are forever changed.

When I think of having kids, my thoughts often go back to when I was younger. When you first really understood the consequences and relationships between sex, birth control, STDs, pregnancy, and all the scary things they wrapped up together to discourage young people from having kids too soon. And I guess fear is a good tactic, even though it doesn’t always work. We do need the education even if they do scare us, too.

But then, they are also painting a picture of becoming a parent as something that will ruin your life. Of course, having a kid in high school is not a good idea for your own future or the baby’s future. Of course it’s not easy to have a kid and keep going to school and get further education. But when you are at an appropriate age to be a parent, you still have big life responsibilities in addition to THE parenting responsibility. I rambling now, but I wonder: When are you ready to be parent? I know you’re never really ready, but ready in the sense of it being acceptable and appropriate to make that decision to be responsible for another human life. I know there is no right answer for everyone. How much money should be saved up? What kind of home do you have to bring them home to? How mature are you? How much will you be working: too much, too little? What do you have to teach them? I don’t know the answers to these questions. How much money/maturity/education is enough?

Some people get married and then they get nagged about when they’re going to “start a family.” So when are you going to have a baby? When am I going to be a grandma? When am I going to be an aunt/uncle/etc.? I’ve gotten this type of question maybe twice. I can’t say I want to be nagged, but it would feel good to have my closest family excited about me having a baby one day. My mom especially has not pushed for a baby, not because she doesn’t want me to have any, but I believe because she knows our financial situation and knows we are not ready in that way. I know this a mature and logical response for her to have. But, sometimes I wish I could see her excited at the thought of me making her a grandparent. Maybe one day.

I’m not an outwardly emotional person at all. I rarely cry, especially in front of others. Some people just wear their heart on their sleeve, but I don’t. I do wonder at times if it makes me seem callous or insensitive. But I do feel. When I read those mommy blogs or hear someone talk about those moments unique to parenting, I feel that. My heart aches. Why? Why do I feel like I want to be a mom? What in the world makes me think I could do it and do it well? Some people feel meant for a certain path in life, be it parenting or a certain career or both. I never felt connected strongly to a career. I like my job and it pays the bills, but it’s not my passion. I feel like I could be passionate about being a mom when that time comes. I hope it does.

Anyone else get that yucky jealousy feeling when you see parents and their kids together that makes you want to cry? And then you feel bad for feeling jealous instead of happy for them so you feel even worse? Feel free to share.



Image via Wikipedia

I hear about great deals and cool things found on craigslist all the time it seems. Well, at least in blogland. Our local craigslist doesn’t seem to have much cool stuff, but I really don’t search it enough to find the gems among the junk. Since money has been extra tight lately we’ve decided to see if we could sell some stuff (and declutter a little as a bonus). My husband has been having some good luck lately selling some of his video gaming stuff so I decided to use it, too. I’ve used ebay in the past but I got tired of reposting and reposting and then when something actually sells it sucks to see all the nickel and dime fees that left my profit hardly worth my time.

So, I listed my item a couple times and finally got a response. Turns out it was a spammer. Terrific. The first email lets you know they’re interested. Then this:

OK, thank you for getting back to me. It turns out i can’t really buy it right now anyways… my nephew just put a huge dent in my jeep and now im gonna have to see how much its gonna cost me to get it repaired. UGH!

I thank god that he didn’t get hurt but of course it needed to happen NOW, when i am finally earning very good money with this work at home program i’ve been doing. You know, if you want, they’ve just opened up 2 more positions in our area. Basically you get paid to post links online, its really easy and I just do it while watching TV.

Here is the link if you want to read about it:


Ive earned around $500 each week since I’ve been doing it… not enough to stop working yet but i actually have some extra money in my bank account. Well, maybe not after i have to pay the mechanic bill lol. My sister is planning to sign up later and these positions usually go fast, so I’d appreciate it if you didnt share the link with anyone else. Thanks!

Ugh! What kind of person spends their time spamming? I feel sorry for people who fall for stuff like this. (And I took the link out, btw, so I’m not passing on their crap.) I see that others have gotten these emails, also. Have you? Have you had good transactions using craigslist? Problems? Have you gotten some awesome deals? Please share.

P.S. The husband just informed me he got one like this, too. Plus a couple other varieties.

See more DIY projects

I wish I could find cool chairs like these at a local thrift store! These were featured last week on Addicted2Decorating.com among others who posted to the link party. Rachel linked them from her blog i like what i’m herring.

Kristi says: I Like What I’m Herring bought these incredible chairs at the Salvation Army for $3.75 each!  Of course, they weren’t originally so incredible.  They were a drab gray, but that’s nothing that a bit of glossy white spray paint can’t fix!

And there’s another link party!

Linking up with addicted2decorating.com.

Check out lots more DIY, design, and home stuff on this great site!

Dental Life

I had a patient in my chair the other day. She was probably six or seven. While I was cleaning her teeth she farted, then giggled, then said, “My daddy does it louder!”

image credit

Dental News: App helps hygienists study on the go

I wish this was available when I was in school. Of course at that time I did not have and could not afford a platform to run the app anyway!

“US dental hygienists, Karen Isbister and Carrie Clotworthy, created Pass It! last year which incorporates more than 1,000 important dental hygiene questions in a fun board game.

“They say: ‘Have you ever been in line at the grocery store, waiting at the airport, or waiting for class to start and wished you could take those few extra minutes to study? Now you can. No more bringing text books, flashcards, or notes with you to study on-the-go.”

Dental News | Oral health | App helps hygienists study on the go.

Goodwill Item Makeover

I am happy with this little project. And I am happy to finish something, unlike my unfinished project of painting my kitchen cabinets. But this was easier of course.

I found these small boxes/trays (whatever you want to call them) for about $2 at Goodwill.





I thought they could use an update. So I picked out some scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby when it was 40% off.





I already had paint and primer on hand from my unfinished kitchen project. So I slapped on a few coats. Well, more like prime, wait, prime, wait, paint, wait….etc. Then I glued the paper in with Mod Podge.




Much better.

Want to share your project? Leave a comment and a link!

Ready for Spring

I’m ready for spring. Not because I hate winter, I don’t. I’m not one of those people who complains about the weather every day unless it’s bright and hot and sunny, and justthewaytheylikeit. I actually like cool, partly cloudy days. Super sunny days just make me squint so much I get that annoying bit of a headache right between the eyes that just gets more annoying when people are fawning all over how BEE-U-TEE-FULL the hot, blinding sun is.

Anywho, back to whatever point I was getting at.

Right, spring. I’m looking forward to spring because the weather will be warming up enough to get outside and spray paint again. I just got into this whole craze last year and got a few things painted. Seeing other bloggers find cool stuff at Goodwill and other thrift stores gets me itching to find some more treasures, too.

For example: Thrifty Decor Chick found this pitcher at Goodwill and made it so much better simply with paint.





It looks 30 years newer!

And another example from Sherry’s growing menagerie at Young House Love:


A year ago, I would have surely walked right past this thing in a thrift store. But Sherry made this dude totally strut like the bird he was always meant to be.


So, since I can’t spray paint yet, I have a little project I’ve been working on with slow-as-molasses-brush-or-roll-on paint. Hopefully I’ll have time to finish it in a day or two. And hopefully it won’t be lame. Have a project like these, or not like these, and want to share? Leave a comment and/or a link!