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Plum Fun

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Since I have to wait until September (!) for the next book in Follett’s trilogy, I’m glad a friend told me about the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. They’re just so fun. I’m ready to start Seven Up.

Can’t get enough of Morelli, am I right?

This week

Not much going on this week. The hubby and I were both sick all this weekend so the only thing good about that was having plenty of reading time. I had already finished Fall of Giants so I finally caved in to all the recommendations and starting reading The Hunger Games.

Cover of "The Hunger Games"I initially wasn’t interested when it was described to me as “set in the future when the USA no longer exists.” That was two negatives in my mind: One, if I’m actually going to read fiction I tend to read historical fiction. And Two, I tend to avoid depressing scenarios such as the destruction of our home country. (Also, I’ve never cared to see disaster movies containing floods, meteors, nuclear disasters, etc.) But I did like the book more than I thought I would and I’m currently on the second: Catching Fire.

This week I also found two more funny blogs to add to my growing list in google reader: Modg and From Nonsense to Momsense. I’ve only read a couple posts from each, but I’ll definitely be reading more. I was reading this post from Modg during lunch at work and I had to try really hard not to laugh out loud. I don’t think my co-workers would have enjoyed the poop humor. I grew up laughing about poop and always will. Poop is always funny. Well, unless maybe you’re covered in it or cleaning it up. That would be gross and totally not funny. Except for anyone witnessing this hypothetical poop event, they would totally think it’s funny.